Hi, I’m Wasi Naseer.

I am a Software Engineer with more than 2.5 years of experience working on products like Oracle’s Banking Digital Experience (OBDX) and Unilever’s Snack Delivery solution Munchies.

From the start of my career, I am mostly working on Java technologies like Spring Boot, JAX-RS, Hibernate, etc.

I am currently working as a Java Backend Engineer at Munchies. Munchies is an on-demand Spring Boot, Redis, Firebase, MySQL, Hibernate ORM, etc. I design and develop APIs and features for their customer application, rider app, and admin portal.

I have started gaining experience in Java by working on Oracle’s product called Oracle Banking Digital Experience (OBDX). I have worked on Jersey JAX-RS, Eclipselink ORM, Oracle DB, Weblogic Server, and Javascript.

I have also worked at Symantec as Software Development Intern in the Securlet team. I have worked on MongoDB, Python, Bash Scripting, and ElasticSearch.

I am interested in backend development, server-side programming, and distributed systems. I love to work on large systems that deal with millions or billions of users. I am always passionate about learning stuff in Software Industry.

  • Java
  • Backend Development
  • Bash Scripting
  • Linux
  • Python
  • Distributed Systems Design
  • Clean Code
  • Performance Tuning